UI UX-01

UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are two terms that are interchangeable and actually refer to different aspects of the design process. UI refers to the aesthetic elements of a product, while UX refers to the functional elements that a user interacts with.

User Interface (UI) is anything a user can interact with to use a product or service. This includes from screens and touch screens, keyboards, sounds and lights.

UI – it’s about the virtual elements that allow users to interact with the product.

UI – it focuses on the look of a product: typography, color, images.

UI – makes products more usable, attractive and optimized for different screen sizes.

User Experience (UX) is the process of creating products and services that are easy to use, efficient, and satisfying for the user.

UX – it’s about the feelings and emotions users experience when interacting with a product.

UX – focuses on accessibility and user-friendly design.

UX – refers to an effective and easy-to-use product.

UX design involves designing the entire operation and integration process of the product, including aspects of branding, design and usability.

UI and UX designers have an important role in the development of a product.