online marketing

Online Marketing (also called digital marketing or internet marketing) is a necessity for any type of business. Online marketing uses the internet to spread a message about a brand, product or service to reach potential or existing customers.

Online marketing tools and techniques:

  • SEO (optimization of website pages to get as high as possible in Google results)
  • PPC (every time a user clicks on an ad deployed through PPC, the advertiser is charged)
  • Display Marketing (placing banner or video ads on websites or social media platforms)
  • Email Marketing (sending messages to existing or potential customers)
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Affiliate Marketing (using another website to promote a product or services and then paying a commission of the sale)
  • Blog Posts

Offline Marketing (known as traditional marketing) includes all non-Internet channels to deliver the advertising message: TV and Radio Advertising, Outdoor (billboards and posters), Print Advertising (business cards, flyers, leaflets, brochures, newspapers and magazines), Event Marketing, Promotional Gifts.

Many businesses use a combination of online and offline marketing to reach customers.